My Lover and My Purpose

There was a time I discovered a shocking revelation about relationships. Some people are always more motivated when in a relationship, they'll want to get things done so that they can be appreciated. But once the relationship is off, they log off all their ambitions and their hopes become dim because they have wrapped their future around their lover. I've been there too.

Wait a moment-

The reason why I talk about myself in most of my post is because I have realized how we share similar experiences in life. And I know that talking about mine, will definitely spark something in another person going through same.

Back to the post-

Then after this realization got me, I knew it was because I hadn't discovered my purpose and I had a misplaced priority. Now, no matter who comes or goes out of my life, my purpose stays.

Let me use this moment to say I find this song by 'All of me' by John Legend is disturbing, I use to listen and flow with the song until I decided to listen well to the lyrics. When all of you wants a person, and the person become your downfall and end, is it worth to be celebrated? The song clearly glorify a person without a defined purpose. Anyways that's my opinion.

Lovers can be a good motivation, but purpose is what you work out on your own, because your life's call is personal. And that is why we need people with like minds, whose purpose is related to yours.

When you are lover-motivated (wanting to please your partner), your eyes is focus on one individual. But when you have identified and you are working with purpose, your eyes is focus on the desire to affect lives. Not just one person but many people.

Your purpose and love for all (not just one person) and a desire to be a change agent will make you successful.

You can leave your job because of a lover, you can relocate because of a lover, you can leave your friends because of a lover, you can stop drinking because of a lover, you can turn from your bad ways because of a lover. Yes a lover is that powerful, because romance is a force.

But once you leave your purpose because of your lover, you are dead. Remember, death is not the cessation of life, but the separation from life. Your purpose is your life, it's the reason you are here on earth, it's that thing that makes you to show forth the glory of your creator.

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