Time wait for no one. Watch out for yourelf

Some one once said, "give to people but don't expect them to pay you back" this can't be more true, when I thought about it I came up with the following points:

- There are Bosses you will work dedicatedly with for years but will they will never give your desired credit. You may think moving on will cause them harm or make you look like an ingrate. But you may never move forward serving them.

- There are relationships you would be committed to for years, but it may never lead to marriage, some may even engage you to keep you imprisoned to them, but they will never propose. While some women will also lead a man on but will never agree to date or marry them.

- There are relatives you will live with, serve them like you are their maid, but will never appreciate you like they will do to their children.

- There are churches you will be committed to, serve in their work force, but they may never appreciate you like they will do for someone who donates big money to the church.

- There are businesses you will venture into, write a compelling business plan but it will still crumble either because of poor feasibility studies or some wicked staffs.

Life may not hand to us what we expect all the time. But the only thing you can do for yourself is not to loose your joy. Remember happiness isn't permanent, it is momentary. But you can do a lot to ensure that you don't let the actions of humans get to you all the time.

Remember there is no time to waste whining on your losses. Move on and watch out for yourself.

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