My Father's day message to all men

That you're created a male wasn't a choice you made, neither is it your fault that the creator decided to bless you with this great gift and privilege of being the HEAD.

After all, some women are paying millions of cash to change their sex to a male, so I say congratulations to those who are proud to be born a man.

To all the men who have also accepted their roles and position as a man, who are not ashamed to be a man and who aren't calling their original sex a mistake, I say thank you!

Of course we all know that there is a difference between a male, a man and a father. That you have a child doesn't automatically qualifies one to be a father. And that you're yet to have a child doesn't also make you less of a father.

A father nurtures, he takes responsibility, loves and cares for all. A father also fears God.

With this, I will say congratulation to everyone one who have a father figure in their life.

To all the men out there, you can be any or all of these three: Son, Husband, Parent. Happy Father's day to you all!

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