One talent plus many skills.

Have you ever been in a position where you wonder if you have any talent at all? I have been there. And I know I'm not the only one. This is because the society seems to focus more on artistic and physical talents, such as acting, dancing, drawing, sports e.t.c

So because those area ain't my strength, I would wonder if I had talent at all. So as I grew up, I would participate in different extracurricular activities, just so maybe something can spark a talent that is asleep in me.

But as time went on, I discovered the different intellectuals or talents that we have as human. And I can bet that too much of talents can be a killer for some people, same way how to manage many natural resources is a problem for some country.

I once wrote a post about creating on your lane, that I think will be of help when you read it, coupled with this post.(read here)

To buttress my point I will say one talent that is well cultivated plus different skills that is learned and well developed is a enough to make a person mega-successful in this life.

And again I also bet you can't even maximize all that you can do with one talent when you come to think about it.

For example, you will see someone that can cook very well, do all of the following:
- Developed a writing skill, before you know he or she write articles for blogs, websites, magazine, and author cook books.

- This same person can learn public speaking and delivers speeches on food or cooking at seminars, schools and events.

- He or she can also get leadership or educational skill and train others, start a catering school and have a TV reality show on cooking.

Of course they can do more than what I've listed up there. And before you know, they become a celebrity, get to be featured in documentaries and movies. And all these started from one single talent; COOKING.

But if you don't settle down to dig up all that you can be on one talent, you can become depressed. But the good thing is that as you get on the road of your talent exploration and maximization, the road gets wider and bigger. Then the sky become your starting point.

Thank God for blessing some of us with many talent, in fact he has embedded in you all that you need to make use of them. But for those of us who only have one or few. This post is for you. And remember one TALENT plus many SKILLS.

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