Sabbath's Appetizer- The fear for the unknown

You ever watch the movie Merlin? One interesting thing is how King Uther Pendragon banned sorcery and the use of magic in the Camelot. Any witch caught was burn at stakes. It's more interesting when you realize that King Uther wasn't even a christian, yet the witches, wizards and magicians feared him.

A similar story is of King Saul in the bible, who had chased away all the witches and wizards in the town. In his backsliding state he went to consult a witch and she was still afraid of doing divination even though Saul had backslided and God wasn't speaking to him anymore. ( You can read up in 1Samuel 28)

I remembered after my Dad died, I couldn't enter his room for over 2years, my mum and siblings would laugh and wonder what was wrong with me, after all he is my father and I'm still living in the same house. But eventually I got over that fear.

Later, I packed my stuffs from the room I was sharing with my sister and packed into his room. It was a master bedroom, with all the comfort and privacy I wanted. You can imagine what I had been missing because of fear of nothing...LOL
This goes to show how people who never had the Holy Spirit in them demonstrate authority over the forces of darkness, while we the born again, tongue speaking, fire brand christians still sees cockroach and wall gecko and run away, some even go about looking for anointing oil and raining Holy Ghost fire on it before killing it...LOL

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind- 2Timothy 1:7

Hmm...let me just conclude by saying may God help us to take our full authority in him.

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