Sabbath's Appetizer- My Paradise saga

I'm sure you all remembered a time some set of people came up with rumours that the rapture will take place at a particular hour. I think I've heard of two of such now. But today I want to talk about my experience with the first rumour.

I was young then, and after all I've learnt in Sunday school, I knew I didn't want to go to hellfire. So I feared rapture would really take place that night. I think the time they claim it would happen was 11pm (I can't really remember again). But as I watched the news and heard of how people were selling their properties, my heart was skipping.

My siblings and mum didn't take it seriously, but as for me I was afraid, I turned a good girl that day, I was obedient and unusually quiet. By some minutes to 11pm, I think I was in my room, on my knees, praying and begging God to forgive my sins and let me rapture.

The time came and gone, still no rapture, I thought maybe because I'm inside the house and it has already happened outside. By the time I went to the sitting room and watch the news and saw how the newscasters were smiling because of the earlier report. My mind was then at peace, so finally rapture hasn't happen...hurray! I zoomed back to my old nature...LOL

Why was I so gullible? Sincerely, it wasn't the thought of Paradise that made me want heaven, it was the thought of burning in hell.

Years later in my secondary days, as I was coming back from school after we vacated. Suddenly the bus I was in, hit another car and I hit the front of my head on the window. Now, the accident didn't happen while we were on speed, so it was not something very serious, but I went home with a swollen head. What if the impact was much? How could I have being able to pray for repentance and heaven? That day I learnt that my making heaven is not a last moment decision, It's actually the grace of God.

Lets say we all know when the rapture would take place, I can bet almost everyone will make it to heaven. But we don't know, we can only check our lives at every moment and hope and pray not to miss it on the last day.

I don't want to be a cast away, and I know you don't want to. Let's do right by God.

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