Why should you have a blog?

There was a time a lady chatted me up and asked how do you bloggers make money? I was skeptical about what she really wanted to hear and what I should tell her but I said there are a lot to make money from a blog. Another time a guy also asked me if blogging pays, and I was like yeah. So I purposely asked him, do want to start a blog? He said 'yes, if it is worth it' I took that as 'so far I will make money I will blog'.

Really, it seems blogging for money is all some people think of.

So why should you own a blog? Why should you sit in front of your computer or phone for hours and write? Pay for internet subscription? If not to earn a living?

...Hmm let me set this straight, I don't blog for a living, I don't inspire people for a living. I live to inspire, to connect, and to serve people. And I do it through my blog, and yes I have earned money from it, and I will still earn money from it.


Ok let me explain, if I you give me a billion dollars, I won't stop doing what I'm doing, I will just be able to afford a bigger platform to reach out to more people. So to me a blog is a platform I'm using now to express my skills, gifts and talents.

Well, it is good to earn money where your commitment is, it just make it all the more interesting. Because money or no money it is worth it.


So let's get to the main purpose of this post, why should you have a blog if you can?

1. It can make you feel fulfill.
It makes me happy, makes me feel useful. I go to work, update my blog during my break time, get back home in the evening and plan the rest of my day around my blog.
Yeah, at work I reach out to people around me, but with my blog I reach out to people I know and mostly to those I don't know! And I get lovely feedbacks.

So blog will make you connect to people outside your country. And it helps you to grow and be more knowledgeable

2. Boost your professional edifice.
Sounds like grammar?...lol you can leverage on it. At times, your academic qualification can be the basic requirement while your blog will give you an edge because it is about writing on things you are passionate about with a style that differentiate you from others, and which has enabled you to have a fan base. And every employer likes someone who already has a gig around them.

I was able to apply for a Job even though I never went for the interview when I was called...LOL. But blogging gave me the experience and prove I needed most.

You can start up a blog to talk about your business, I once advice a friend, who has a wardrobe business to start a blog on giving people tips on how to go about handling their wardrobes, which she did. It may seems like she's giving off her secrets, but people are so lazy to do it themselves, seeing her talk about how to go about it and all make them see her as an expert and eventually calls her to do it for them.

You can debut your career with a blog.

3. You can earn a living through it.
People seems to think adverts and affiliates marketing are the major ways to earn from blogs alone.
For you to earn from a blog, you have to know your onions. A popular blogger said their are two blog monetizing model, the magazine model and the expert model.

But I have seen people run an expert model blog like a magazine model blog. I won't explain this because it ought to be an home work..LOL

Seriously blogging is not suppose to be what you just wake up one morning, register on blogger or wordpress and start. I know of some bloggers who researched blogging for up to 5year before starting.

I had started a blog on depression in 2011, but then I didn't place my priority right and I ended up closing it before I gave it the chance to blossom. So finally I studied, research, talked, and ask questions for about six months before I launch elizablaze in 2015. And I'm still learning and loving it.

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