Forgiveness is not easy but it is necessary

Some times ago, while reading a material that talked on how an individual may not be able to access some blessings if he or she has issues with forgiveness. I felt I was free from the stronghold called 'unforgiving'. I searched my heart, and since I can't remember anyone I'm holding grudges against, I thought I was free.

Still in my moment of self-righteousness, my mum called me to look at a old picture of my younger brother's graduation ceremony from primary school (we attended the same school). Immediately I set my eyes on the proprietor of the school, I knew I have some forgiving to do.

This man harassed me. I think I was around 11-12 years old then, and this man would call me into his office, make me touch is manhood, even release his semen in the process. Well, I'm grateful he never had a penetrative sex with me, cos I don't know how much it would have affected me psychologically. But nevertheless I hated him.

When I saw him in the picture I asked my mum if she still know much about the man. She said the last time she heard about him, it was said that he and his wife had divorced and things weren't working well for him anymore. When she said it, I wanted to say he deserved it and even much more. But I kept quiet.

When I got to my room I thought about the man for a moment, I knew he is someone I wouldn't want to show mercy if I happen to be the only person on earth that can help him. I then realize that I needed to release him from my heart, so I prayed for him. I prayed that God would have mercy on him wherever he is and turn his circumstances to good if he happened to be in any unfavorable condition. That was the best I can do to release him.

Sexual harassment isn't something a kid is bold to say, so most times it grows into a stronghold in our mind. I never told anyone, not even my mother till date, of course I know it doesn't worth it anymore. And I think that's the reason why I can write about it.

Moreover, I was able to forgive him because I'm desperate for a higher level of experience in life, so much that I'm not ready to allow anything call unforgiving to hold me back.

In conclusion, we all have a strong reason to hold grudges against people, in fact there are people who have swore to die rather than to forgive, but when you come to think of it, you have many stronger reasons to let go.

The stronghold of unforgiving can make the devil have a foothold on you.

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