Sabbath's Appetizer- Living the copy and paste life

You see, most times when I work on my tablet it always amuse me because I do a lot of copy and paste while trying to paste from my note pad to my browser and also when I want to make any graphics design for my write-ups.

Many times I would select a writeup, click on copy, then I would go and do some small chores around the house, as long as I have not switched off my tablet, It doesn't matter how many hours I spent away, once I clicked paste anywhere I desired it, it will definitely replicate the same thing I had copied.

This always makes me smile and I would say that after I've clicked the copy option all the writings are in my fingers. So it doesn't matter where I dip my hands into, once I touch my paste option I can always replicate them.

As he thinks in his heart, so is he- proverbs 23:7

Isn't this the same law that operates in mindset? No matter where you find yourself you will win or lose because of your beliefs.

It is what you believe that you carry about. And that is the reason why it is said that because you deposited a million dollar in the account of an individual doesn't make him rich, if he has a poverty mentality, believe me, he will always be poor.

Your beliefs is in your mind, the core center of your being, just like the writings I talked earlier on been in my fingers, no matter where you find yourself you are what you believe and it is exactly what you will attract physically. A lizard from Africa cannot become a shark in Europe, neither will a cat from Europe become a lion in Asia.

Just like when I switch off my tablet I lose the things I had copied if I have not paste it, until you change your mind, you will always replicate what you believed.

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Unknown said...

So so true. This is a message to self. Thanks for sharing.