Sabbath's Appetizer- Two things you should not get wrong in Church

Some of us go to Church because it has become a ritual, something we feel we must do as a "Christian".

But it isn't, after all you can decide to follow the service on twitter and YouTube. But once you find yourself in Church here are the two things you should never get wrong.

1. Pray when they say pray.
It's a pity some don't take prayer in Church serious, and it is not as though they are a 'prayer warrior' in their home...LOL.

But on a serious note, your pastor may be led to call out a prayer point that will be the key to that blessing you need.

You may discover at times that there are some prayer points that you will need to pen down so you can pray on it more in your closet, not because it wasn't answered in Church, but because you want to build your faith to received it.

2. Say Amen when a prayer is made.
Maybe I should say shout Amen or say serious Amen. You can't pray, you can't say Amen, why are you in church? To be an onlooker?

You need to be very sensitive in church, even when scriptures are been read, you may need to say Amen to some declarations and that can be your blessing for the day.

It's a common thing for example, during calls for donations to see people not responding when prayers of blessing are made. Just because you don't have the money to pledge or donate doesn't mean the prayer isn't for you. After all if you have you would give.

Another example is during prayers for married couples, many singles are tongue-tied as though they won't get married in future. What about prayers for pregnant women and children? One day you will have your kids, sow the Amen into your future.

The prayers in Church has something I call corporate anointing. It's always wisdom to partake of it.

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