Sabbath's Appetizer- A village Christian OR a global Christian?

I heard a story of a pastor who wanted to minister to a pregnant woman (I think she was afraid of having a miscarriage). Then this pastor said the case is simple, according to him he said "won ma ro" meaning it will be tied.

He said all that is needed is to take a bible, write the woman's name on a paper, do some prayers on it and tie it to the bible, then keep it somewhere, that way, she would not have a miscarriage...hmm, then another pastor asked him where it was written in the bible that you will tie a pregnant woman.

Well, it happened that the man was brought up in an area where traditional religion was the main thing, so when he got born again he borrowed that concept into Christianity. I want to believe that doesn't make him a bad person, he only need to have his mind renewed and unlearned those things he had learnt before.

How about you and I? Are you an village Christian or global Christian?

It's a pitty that some people still bring in there village tradition mindset into Christianity, what they do is to pick a scripture that seem to agree with what they believe and before you know it, they turn it into a doctrine.

Remember this: A Christian should be locally sensitive but globally relevant.

If your Christianity become a burden, something that isn't giving you liberty to exercise your faith in Christ, or you can't get to another country and feel free in a church, you believe the order of service in your country is the right way, then you better check yourself cos you might be a village Christian... LOL.

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