Sabbath's appetizer- Want to channel your gift aright?

Have you recently had an haha moment? That moment when it seems your brain suddenly jack-up after you heard something, especially a thought line you have never think towards before.

I had one when I went for a women's conference and the speaker spoke about the Samaritan woman that Jesus met at the well. What struck me was the fact that she met with Jesus, she who had been jumping from one husband house to another, suddenly turned an evangelist and brought men to the kingdom!

This means that she had soul winning ability laying fallow inside of her, but rather than preaching the good news to the men, she was busy using her gift to marry the men...haha.

(read up the story in John 4: 6-30)

After I had given myself time to meditate on this story, I realized that though God has endowed us with certain gifts, but we still need him to help us channel it right. This is what I call divine guidance.

For example, I happen to have cognitive and artistic intelligence, I can decide to use my gift in writing porns, sexualize and degrading materials. All I needed to do is channel my energy towards that line, and I bet it, I won't sweat much with ideas, I will be creative with sin and the devil will be glad to increase and spread it.

It's a pity that while some people are channeling their gift to bless others, some are using it to create deadly weapons of destruction. It's only your maker that can help you utilize your talents well.

Let me remind you in case you have forgotten, if you are talented in a particular area, and what you're doing with your gift isn't elevating people, not changing or touching lives, doesn't give people hope and more importantly doesn't give you peace. Then you need the lord to help you check and reinvent it.

The reason why I said peace up there is because, that you are successful enough to give to charity and philanthropic cause, doesn't mean you are doing right. A drug baron can give to orphanage homes, but he is probably the one that sold the drug that caused the death of the kids parents. Never ever use money and giving to justify yourself when you know you lack peace with what you are doing.

Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

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