Super health, divine health.

Yesterday I heard a story about a very popular and wealthy woman who died from cancer of the lungs, it was said that when her doctors told her she had three months to live, all her debtors started to pay the money they owed, cheques were coming in, but this woman kept saying "I don't want money, what I need is health"

This story actually prompted me to write this post for today. Now that we know it is not about how wealthy you are or how you religiously you followed some health routine (which of course you should follow).

Divine health can only be gotten from the Divine himself, GOD.

When I was in school, at times because of financial constraints and also because I'm on my own, I hated to be sick, so my faith for divine healing was heightened...don't mind me...LOL. So I would pray, confess the most common healing scriptures "by his strips I'm heal" and it works. But when I got home, I would comfortably welcome the sickness, since my mother is there to buy the drugs and take care of me...hmm, of course I have out grown that now, because I can't afford to give any precious moment to sickness.

Kathryn Kuhlman once said she is not afraid of cancer because she still lives in the flesh (her body), but said that she has a God to run to when it comes.
Therefore I believe it is of paramount importance to divinely keep your body healthy through the following ways.

1. Holy communion (the Lord's super)
Don't despise this, some churches do it once in every months, mine does it weekly. I have seen some people who knowingly refuse to take communion, they give flimsy excuses. Only if they knew what they are missing.

2. Anointing service.
This is also very important, you should even have your own anointed oil.

3. Confession of the word of God.
Yeah, this is a very big deal, what you have inside of you is who you are and it's what you can give or apply. Don't only know the Scripture about healings alone, confess it and believe it.

4. Continuously thank God for your health.
God is not a magician, he is a miracle worker, keep in mind that the fact that you were sick and healed is by his grace. That you had an operation that cost a lot of money and you still came out alive is a miracle. Thanking him for an expected healing during sickness and thanking him for continuous sound health when you ain't sick is wisdom.

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