What you should take instead of selfies

One thing I want to do when I get to a new place is to take pictures. I remember when a popular mall came to my city, all that came to my mind was to go for window shopping and take pictures...LOL.

I know I'm not the only one who does this as you can see lots of selfies on social media, some are simply a way of announcing to friends and families that we are having fun.

But on a serious note, is my reason for going to Paris and Las Vegas to take a selfie???

"Our environment is limiting us, not in terms of possibilities but in terms of thinking"- Eyitayo George

So why do you travel? Why do you visit nice places?

Later, the same mall where I wanted to take a selfie is what got me to stretch my thinking faculty. I now saw things I felt was simple but has been package to look unique, which as given it taste and value!

"Travel so that you can come into an environment where you can see possibilities, and then challenge your everyday thinking"- Eyitayo George

Go to places, write down concepts and ideas that you have seen. Don't just be an admirer, be observant. It may not look like something you can do now, but once your mind has gotten the picture one day you will do much more.

Remember, every good thing you see is either an innovation or an invention is someone's intellectual property. By the time you see it, it is already obsolete. You can come up with something better.

Take ideas, not selfies.

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