When is the best time to window shop?

Have you tried answering the question in the title?...OK let me make it more clear, do you think window shopping should be done when you have excess and just enough money? Or when you are simply broke?

I think it's really more about what rocks our boat, but I will share my tale in the world of enough money and no money experience.

Let me start with when I'm rich...You know that first few days after salary? The period when you are braggadocio? Yes, that period you're still feeling fly...LOL

So I tell myself; "I'll just go and window shop, I won't buy anything, I just want to go and see the nice stuffs they have". Mind you, my ATM card is in my wallet, and I have some cash there too....Now let me highlight the most common three emotions that goes with it:

- I can't bargain well, I somehow loose my sense of judgements, I tell myself if it's expensive, then it's quality, hmm I may not see it again and most time I end up buying!

- I'm in a rush to get out, my eye are seeing nice stuffs, oh if I'm not careful I'll waste my money here.

- Even if I don't want to buy the things I saw, I buy silly stuffs like chocolates, sweets and biscuits... Hmm I shouldn't just walk out empty handed.

Now how about when I don't have enough money, but I needed to get some stuffs. This is what I tell myself; "I'll just go and price it, at least to know the best deals in stores, when the money I'm expecting comes I'll already know the one I'll go for"...Here my ATM card and wallet is with me, but it's not loaded...LOL. Here are also the most common three emotions that goes with it:

- I'm bluffing, of course I need it, you shouldn't know I can't afford it at the moment.

- I'm not in a rush, I have all day to spend, I can compare and contrast all I want. After all I'm not buying it now.

- My bargaining skill is high, cos no matter what you say I can't be caught in your web

As you can see from above, I think it's more about how you're able to discipline yourself from the force of push and pull. Let me explain, when you have enough or excess money to spend, the money pushes you, while the product pulls you and voila! You buy!
But when you don't have the money, no matter how much the product pulls you, there is no money to push you, you can only take heart or go home and strategize how to get the money to afford it.

In conclusion, though one may seem preferable, but I still can't tell you which is better, like I said earlier it's all about what rocks your boat.

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