Why I don't support kids watching TV.

Most parent think their son or daughter is a saint until the day the boy or girl comes home and give them the shock of their life.

In secondary school I already knew a lot, even things that can give my mum heartache if she knew... Why not? In school you meet children from different background, so one way or the other you can get your mind messed up.

But nowadays you don't need friends to mess a kid up, it's all on TV. And this is one reason why I'm always irritated when I see kids watching seasonal movies, especially all these Korean and Philippine movies that has the flooded the Africa market. What do they teach them? Dumb-ass romance! Rather than visualize themselves as future leaders they are thinking of fairytale boyfriend and girlfriend things.

It's even painful because some parents don't seem to care about the rating of the movies. And that's why you will see a four year old child watching a movie rated 16.
Why should a ten year old child watch Romeo and Juliet? So he or she can think committing suicide is good? Or to abandon your family, give up your future and run away with an equally jobless boy or girl is love?... I'm I missing the point here? Cos I think the movie that is entertainment to you isn't so to a kid, their brain is interpreting it the way it saw it.

In fact if you are a parent and you don't know how to operate the parental control settings of your TV please go and learn it. If they will watch anything, let them watch good documentaries where they can start thinking of a future career.

Don't think the children don't know anything, the TV, movies, and musical videos are settling down in their mind. I've heard stories of kids committing crimes which I think they learnt from what they saw on TV. How does a kid know how to stab and shoot?

Well I still see saint in kids until I remember some kids I've come in contact with...then I remember not to trust them base on how innocent they look. As a parent or guardian, you can't control all but you can do your best by sowing the right seed in them.

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I wish every parent would read this.. Thanks for sharing. Concerning yesterday's post will chat with you later..
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