Care, care, care!

Maybe because of the things I've seen in movies, I used to feel a sickness is not strong until the person runs temperature and is feverish. Therefore I tend to think the person is only trying to dodge responsibility by claiming to be sick but still active.

I'm grateful I now know better...hmm God forbid a person's sickness got worst under my watch while I'm still expecting it to be serious.

Joyce Meyer in one of her books, shared a story of how she criticized a pregnant woman who was always complaining of not feeling too well and couldn't make it to fellowship. She felt the woman was just been lazy. And since Joyce already had three kids she was able to conclude about the other woman.

But by during her fourth pregnancy, she became very sick, she was losing weight and could barely move. Then one day she desperately asked God what was wrong. Then she felt the impression to read Matthew 7. Then it occurred to her that she once judge someone in a similar condition.

This just point out that we should care more rather than being a critic, after all it is by grace that we ain't the one in that condition.

Apart from the physical sickness, how about the mind sickness?

I've heard of people bursting out in cries when someone who doesn't know what they were going through say something nasty about them.

Do you know that some people are like a walking bomb, ready to explode at the slightest provocation. Don't let them explode on your head because you were too ignorance to read between the lines.

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