Feeling pressured to own that thing?

The day my mum got her first mobile phone, a portable Motorola mobile phone was a big day in my house. Mobile network had just recently launched in Nigeria and it was very expensive that only few people could afford it.

Then my Dad whom the only means of communicating with was through a family friend's land phone (he was in London at that time) decided to send the very first mobile phone. I remember how we would all run a marathon race to the bedroom whenever we hear the phone rang, as we were always careful not to place it carelessly around the house.

Gosh! I remember how I would daydream the day I would have a mobile phone to call mine, the happiness I had when I got my first camera phone, a W810i Sony Ericson phone was indescribable. How about my first laptop? I remembered how I pestered my Dad to buy me one. I'm sure I gave all reasons I could think of why I should own a laptop (and I got one before my elder sister).

But looking back now, it's something I laughed about anytime I remember. Can I count the number of phones I've used since then? No.

The inspiration to write this post came when I wanted to make a phone call. My eyes fell on the phone and I was like "what a life!"

The things we once held in high esteem and carried like a baby, doesn't even shake us again. That is life, it moves.

I don't have all now, but I can no longer lose my joy because I'm trying to get a material thing that seems to be in vogue. If you can't afford it now, you will do later. Who knows, you may later get the latest version when it's time for you to have it.

It's funny how we think we are the only one who isn't using that 'big stuff' and think people are secretly thinking of how poor we are. But the truth is no one probably noticed. It was all a thought in our head.

I'm not saying we shouldn't aspire to buy big things or even own luxuries. But your joy or depression shouldn't come because of the ability or inability to buy the latest material things that's trending in the market.

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