Don't listen to their depression.

From my room, I could hear my mum murmuring to herself; "maybe it's only God that will allow me listen to this program again", she also said something about her body shaking after listening to the radio program.

I knew she was definitely going to listen again, but I kept thinking, why would she think God wanted her to listen to disaster reports? I don't get it!... But let me tell you what caused the shaking.

There is this program on radio where they report the wickedness done by people and other supernatural news. When I was a kid I use to listen too but after I realized that it only create fear and makes me see people as dangerous species I had to stop giving my time to it... And most times when someone brings up a topic about such programs, I'm always wondering how exactly it has profited them.

I don't also understand while radios and TV stations will dedicate 30mins to 1hr of their transmission to horror news. C'mon I can't feed myself with junks.

The only thing you gain from disaster and bad reports is Nightmare! And that's while newspapers are selling, and you see people crying that the society is bad. Because the good things ain't reported anymore.

What we now have now on many TV, radio and blogs is a depressed person preaching depression to a depressed people! I think it's high time we sieve what we give our ear to.

The day has enough troubles of it own, don't spend your precious time compounding it by listening to bad news, plug your ears with inspirational songs and messages. You have just one life to live, live it well!

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