Sabbath's Appetizer- Revelations from the story of Ananias and Sapphira

I've read and heard the story of Ananias innumerable times...The man who sold his house and with the knowledge of his wife kept part of the money and lied to the Apostles, but he and his wife met their death because of the deception. (Act 4: 34- 37, Act 5: 1-11)

All that always come to my mind was simply a liar. But after giving my heart to it I got some interesting insight that touched me and I would like to share. Which I believe you will gain from it.

1. Always be yourself.
How we bother unnecessarily about what others thinks of us. And so we want to do things because the majorities are doing it.

There is a possibility that Ananias sold his house because the other believers were doing same, and he probably saw the respect and accolades they earned and decided he wanted that too.

Well, it was his house and I don't think anyone put a gun to his head and made him sell his house. So why the lies?

Hypocrisy leads to eye service, but on the long-run it's never worth it.

2. Don't doubt.
On another note, maybe what Jesus said about the seed fallen among thorns (Matthew 13:22) is what happened here. He probably had a good intention to sell his house, but after receiving the money he and his wife  looked at it as too big to lay down and allowed the devil mess with their minds.

3. Truth does not kill.
What if he told Peter and the elders he couldn't afford to drop all the money. Maybe he had other financial issues to sort out? After all the money was meant for charity, it wasn't like he made a vow.

4. Be prompt, punctual, don't procrastinate.
What do you think would happen if the wife was in the synagogue with the husband or came in as the husband was dying or met those that were going to bury her husband on the road? I'm sure when she saw the fate that befell her husband she would have confessed and not die.

It is common to hear words such as 'African time' as an excuse for lateness. What if you miss out on that good thing due to lateness because you were busy chanting 'African time'.

How about church service? We Christians have a way of calculating the service before going to church, we want to meet the sermon. What if your blessing was scheduled for the worship session at the start of the service? Lateness would have robbed you of it.

5. Be informed.
I'm wondering why the wife didn't take her time to find out how the 'deal' went before entering the synagogue. The Bible said fear took hold of all that heard. Probably there were some mini groups gossiping or discussing about the event outside of the synagogue, if she had taken her time she would have learnt about what happen and not fall into the same pit.

This shows that we should always get our information right before venturing into any endeavors.

P.S: Thanks for reading, share with others and have a beautiful week ahead!

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