Self-develop yourself or stink!

Isn't it amazing how many useful information are available online and in prints? Go to YouTube you see lot of video trainings and you get to download them for free.

This actually made me wonder why people give out free training videos and educational materials when some get to pay loads to acquire it. Then the secret behind it came to me and I hope you find it inspiring as you read on.

It's what I call "I'll help you so I can be helped". For example a person will post a video of her teaching you how to bake cakes, not because she thinks you will steal the knowledge and not patronize her business. That sounds crazy isn't it?

But she will post the video, so that you can see, probably learn or simply see her as an expert and buy from her or recommend her to someone. Therefore while helping you she will also be helped (by spreading her business with the word of mouth).

With this given, I think nothing should stop any of us from also taking that advantage to develop ourself. Enough of crying that you don't have the funds to learn at a workshop. Have you make use of the work-video?

Skills apart, if want your need is academic or a professional knowledge. There are lots of classroom videos that features brilliant lecturers and professors. So if you don't have the big cash to pay for a professional certificate, you can buy textbooks and watch prerecorded classroom lectures.

Don't worry about someone asking you for certificate from a reputatable institution, if it's a must, then issue yourself a SELF TRAINED or DEVELOPMENT certificate, and put Internet as your institution... I know it sounds funny, but you see they just have to meet you and know that the stuff you carry is in your head and not on paper.

After all, many people spent money getting a master or a professional certificate just to get promoted on a job that isn't their passion, now they have the qualifications on paper but not in the head! What a pity.

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