The craze for white collar job.

I heard the incidence you will be reading today from the horse mouth, I mean the man who conducted the interview where it happened.

I'm sure by the time I share the story some of us can relate with it, it may sound funny or annoying, depending on the angle from which you view it. So here is it:

During a recruitment, a well dressed lady walked in for an interview, the interviewer looked at her and felt something wasn't right, she was not looking like someone who needed a job. To satisfy his curiosity he asked her if she currently has anything she does, she replied that she has a make-up business with clients that had signed a year contract with her.

He asked her how much she was making, after she told him, he became surprised as the money she makes every two weeks doubles the money she would be pay per month in the job she's desperate to get.

After trying to reason with her that she doesn't need a job, this lady insisted that she wanted the job so much that it turned into an argument because she claimed she wanted to have the experience of a white collar job!

Really, how crazy does the story above sound? There is an adage that says "a person without a head has a cap, while another person with a head lacks a cap". Just how many of us will be glad to run successful business, rather than do a so called white collar job?

Hold on a minute... What is white collar job?

To wear corporate dress or to be suited up, seated in an office and attending to files from 7.30am to 5pm everyday? Really, I don't seem to understand some people when they call this white collar job. You can wear corporate wears anytime and have an office even if you what you do is bake snacks! It all depends on how you package your business.

I guess the lady above needs education, she needed to be told many of the so called white collar job are someone's business. She can expand her business to also employ secretaries, accountants and so on. Look at Tara Durotoye of Tara house of make-up. How about Mary Kay make-up lines?

Truly, people perish for lack of knowledge. A person who remains on a spot without adding more knowledge will stink.

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