All my friends have gone ahead of me!

Before I got admission into the university, when I hear that a friend who used to be my mate had enter the university, I'll feel like I had been left behind. I'll say she's gone.

I know I'm not the only one who has felt this way before, as I can't remember how many times I've head the statement "that boy, that girl has gone".

But when you come to think about it. Where have they gone?

The answer I guess is: 'They are in their time and space'

Well, I can say life is not fair, but when it's comes to comparing myself with someone it is a big ERROR.

You see when I get tempted to compare myself to another person, I've realized that been in their present condition is not always the best option for me. For example, I see someone riding a flashy car because he or she works in a big company, I shouldn't compare myself to them cos I don't even like the employee lifestyle.

We can all achieve great things if only we take time to discover what works best for us and get busy doing it.

"I am not trying to be as good as you, I'm going to set my bar higher and I will be better"- Dr Jasmin Schulark

I think it easy to compare yourself with some else if you have not done a self-assessment, or you know don't know the promise of God for your life.

"Don't worry about others doing better than you. Concentrate on beating your own records everyday. Success is a battle between YOU and YOURSELF only"- Anonymous

It will always look like someone has gone ahead of you in life, maybe in career, marriage and any other areas that matters to you. But the truth is they are simply in their 'time and space'. You don't have to be jealous or compare yourself with them, keep doing your best as it takes a split second for you to get to your destination.

If you need to compare yourself with anyone to feel better, then compare yourself with who you were in the past, your Past-Self.

I'm not preaching mediocrity, in fact I have people who I admire and respect. But we have different story, so I can't compare myself with them, but I learn and get inspiration from them.

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