Dr Kartar Lalvani and his Vitabiotics Business

It been a while since I said I will be writing a post about a Sikh man, finally I got enough motivation to write the post.

When I saw the Wellwoman vitabiotics pack with my mum I immediately fell in love with the package so I removed the leaflet inside it to read. I was so intrigued by all the products I saw that I couldn't help but want to know the brain(s) behind the business.

I'm still wowed with all I found out, I slept late reading about the company and the founder. I was also surprised when I found out the two of the founder's siblings started the Binatone business (What a great intellectual property they were blessed with).

I will be sharing the insight I got from reading about him and his company.

1. Innovation.
I discovered the product is more about innovation than invention, which to me is amazing! As somebody once said that you can copy an idea but make sure you build on it. At one point or the other we all need a model as our template.

We cannot all become an inventor, but we can all become a successful innovator so much that when people see it they can almost think you invented it.
2. Fear shouldn't hold you down.
He said because of the fear of poverty he became successful, the same fear that made others prisoners and slave to a boss or company.

I believe every great individuals who as ever lived have one thing they feared, but not giving in to the fear has given them the grounds to inspire us.

3. Don't give up.
Dr Kartar should have given up when it seem people can't look into the direction of his product. But he stood firm and today he's the best seller of vitabiotics in UK.

Spend your time working hard and gathering knowledge, the thing you have now that people seem to be ignoring will come back to become a cornerstone.

4. Be Streetwise (Smart)
Here Dr Kartar invented in intellectual property before his product went viral. Develop solutions, and before you go about seeking investors, let the first thing you do be to patent it. That way, when the light shines on you, you have the exclusive right to licence it.

I've heard of how someone created a product, another company saw the product, innovated on it and patent it. The originator of the product was eventually sent out of business.

Life is simple if you know how things run, it takes ignorance to complicate it.

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