Let me talk or do nothing!

There was a time in primary school, my teacher reported me to my mum that I was always talking in class. So my mother warned me that she would be coming to check on me and God help me she catch me talking.

That day I arranged myself for some few periods, but when I didn't see her enter the class I forgot about her and started talking away with my friends. I remember my mum eventually came, met me talking like the teacher had reported and my mum did something strange. She started crying!

I wasn't a dull student, but I guess my mum was just disappointed because she was also a teacher and felt bad when her daughter isn't the typical gentle school girl.

I still like to talk, cos I have the sanguine nature in me (I'm MelSan). But as I grow older, my other melancholy side which is a little more domineering has allowed me to think, research and develop myself more so that when I'm talking I want to say something sensible. Moreover I choose my talking partner. I have to be interested in you to talk to you.

What has talking got me?

"Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted."- Jules Renard

I write: Because I like to talk about what interest me, I developed writing skill so that I can pen down my thought and reach more people, isn't that the reason I started a personal blog? If you have notice my style of writing, I like to write as though I'm talking with you one on one.

I teach: Even though I didn't study education as my first degree, I have taught in schools because I love to talk. I have heard some say they don't have the boldness to teach in classroom, but as long as I know the subject I'm to talk about, I don't see a big deal.

There are skills I have gotten mainly because it will allow me to communicate more with people. In case you have a kid that likes to talk like a do. Please help them to accumulate intellectual properties. Don't cry or spank them!..LOL

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