The twitter life!

Guess who love to say, 'tweet tweet tweet'?...Oprah!...LOL.

So I was privileged to be in a Social media seminar organized by my church's media team. Although I knew most of the things they talked about because I live the social media life but nevertheless I got some things. And while I meditated on it, I had the inspiration to write what I call the twitter life.

I'm not about to teach you how to go about tweeting, I only want to bring to you how we can better our life from learning the twitter lesson.

1. The intellect.
A normal tweet can't exceed 140 characters, meaning you are only allowed to streamline your thoughts to something short and intelligent.

I can't remember how many times I have heard this phrase in business seminar "imagine you meet with a popular business mogul or the President in an elevator, you have just 60seconds to pitch your business plan to him, what will you say?"

Ha! Really? Maybe I'll just show him my blog, tell him what I do and ask him to kindly mention me on his social media handle. And if I still have the time, I take a selfie with him and tweet it "business talk with the president"... LOL

All I'm trying to say is this, continue to develop yourself, so that you can have something meaningful and intelligent to say. Intelligence will make someone say something funny without being vulgar.

2. Consistency.
You can't just setup an account and expect people to follow you, (except you are a popular celebrity) it takes consistency to gather followings.

Same rule goes to life, don't give up! Especially when you know you are on the right track.

3. Appeal to the visual sense.
Nobody want to see a picture of you crying or looking sad. People are attracted to happy people. Why?

Because everyone is looking out for that person that has the flicker of hope in them. Dress well, put on a happy face, you ain't carrying the world's problem.

In conclusion, the media guys said twitter is for serious people. And I say it's the same way you and I should take our life seriously.

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