Sabbath's appetizer- Living for the moment

I had been out since morning, got home late in the night and I was quite tired and hungry. After my mum opened the door, she told me how she had been weak and sleepy throughout the day. I 'said' sorry and went to my room. Removed my clothes and headed towards the kitchen to have my food.

On getting to the kitchen I didn't see any food, so I went to inquire about food from her. She said she had not prepared anything. Not prepare what?

I became annoyed, murmured about been hungry and going out to get something to eat. She then asked what she was going to eat if I go out to get something rather than cook since there is something to cook at home. I became even more annoyed. Then she said something that brought sense to me.

She asked how many times I had gone out and not meet food at home... And it occurred to me that she'd mentioned her not feeling very well during the day...Gosh I mediately had to apologize and even asked God to forgive me.

That incident got me thinking of how we human act when things do not go our way, therefore I would like to state the lesson I learnt that day maybe you will learn one or two things from my story.

1. Losing our sense of reasoning.
My mum doesn't eat late, we eat dinner in the evening as early as 5- 6pm most times, so for her not to have prepared anything at nearly 9pm shows she was really weak. But because I saw her talk normal, I felt all was well.

2. Too much familiarity.
Because I had become use to coming home to meet food I saw it as my right. I had forgotten I'm no more a kid.

3. How have you contributed to what you are familiar with.
Need I say I wasn't the one that stocked the house with provisions. She did. But here I'm murmuring about not meeting a food I didn't pay a dime for.

Isn't this the same way we act towards God when it seems like he hasn't answered that prayer we desperately want answer to. Just like Esau we are ready to sell out ourselves because we were ignorantly living for the moment.

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