Sabbath's Appetizer: My résumé for next life.

You see, as a young girl when I hear talks about heaven especially from people who made it look like entering heaven is very difficult, I would just pray silently within me that I don't mind being a servant or an errand girl in heaven if only I can just make it...LOL

And I have heard people who also say something similar, some will say they don't mind being the toilet cleaner or the gateman if only they can make heaven and you know what that mentality does to us? It makes us continue in our wrong doings!

I'm thinking, 'I can't imagine myself as a housegirl on this earth what makes me think I would enjoy it in heaven or when we come back to reign on earth?' After all it means I would be a servant to my fellow human who also made it to the kingdom!

I heard of a man that said even if he did not become a the personality he desires in this present life, he would become it at the millennium (according to revelation 20: 4, when we come back to reign on earth). Because he believed that his destiny is not limited to this present world.

So while thinking about my millennium goals (after the present world, when we come back to earth). I was thinking I would love to be a Politician or one of the Special advisers to Jesus when he becomes the world ruler...LOL!...I can't just imagine been a normal citizen, I must have a free and close rapport with Jesus then.

It was at that moment that it struck my mind that I use to hope I could just become an errand girl in heaven. What change? My mind, my thinking changed.

I now have more than a 'mustard seed of faith' I had gotten from building myself up with the word of God. And I believe it is helping me now, cos I don't expect do live waywardly in this life and become a special adviser to Jesus in next life.

I'll live this present life like it is a résumé for next life appointment. You should do the same.

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