The danger in a woman's mirror.

A man can leave the house without looking at his image in the mirror but I doubt if a woman can. We women love the mirror so much that almost all of us carry a small piece in our purse.

This is a well known fact as almost all female beauty products has a mirror attached to it. But much more than a woman trying to apply or adjust her makeup with the mirror, it also unconsciously does something dangerous to her. And this is what today's post is about. To free you from the deception of the mirror.

The post is inspired by Joyce Meyer after I read one of her many books, and as though there was a veil covering my eyes the book opened my eyes and I discovered I had also been a victim of the mirror's deception. Therefore I have decided to share it.

Every time I went through a depressing situation that caused me to be miserable or cried I do one thing and that is to look at my mirror. And there is a big full mirror in my house to help me see how miserable I looked. This also make me to become more pitiful and sorrowful the more.

And you know we women are emotional being, the image of yourself that you see when you're sad does nothing but to heightened the pains.

Let's do a simple task, imagine a woman whose marriage isn't working well, who suffers both emotional and physical abuse from her husband and the walls of her bathroom is mirrored. What do you think will happen to that woman? Every time she enters her bathroom she sees her red eyes, scars and pains. I'm sure divorce or suicidal thought is inevitable.

I'm not saying you shouldn't have a mirror or you shouldn't live in an all mirrored house if that is what you want. This post is just to help you know what a mirror can do to your pain. It's better you are aware of this so that the next time you're hurt and you see your image in the mirror you don't concluded that your life is miserable or better still avoid looking at the mirror at that time.

Accept it when you are hurt and pained, but don't let your mirror help you magnify it!


Unknown said...

I also do that alot especially when am crying i look at the mirror lol.. But funny enough it makes me heal faster cos i hate to see my face looking ugly.. For that illustration hmmmmm.

Tope Amos said...

Lol...OK Gloria.