The easy ways to spread the gospel without bugging people

I'm a trouser person, I wear skirts only when it is a must. But in school when I wanted to join a unit in fellowship I joined evangelism because I felt like that was the best place I could be, but I failed at it, so I left for drama unit where I can be myself, not because I was a sinner but because I was struggling to keep up with the rules of no trousers for Ladies.

You see, at that time apart from the fact that I feel more smart in trousers I also had spots on my leg so I just preferred trousers, but here I am in a subgroup where not only was I not allowed to were trousers to fellowship but I must not wear it on campus.

Therefore I didn't feel comfortable in my dressing, and how can I preach the gospel when I'm struggling within? But I was wrong!

I was wrong to think I only need to be in a group before I can evangelize. And this is one of the reason why I want to help some of you who still feels the way I used to feel.

I know some are not bold to speak the good news physically to another person, at times many of are too careful and conscious of the person we want to address that we don't even allow the Holy spirit to have his free course. So I will be listing ways in which you can enjoy evangelism if you have ever been affect with all the issues above.

1. Let your way of life evangelize.
Some people will be attracted to Christ because of your lifestyle. Don't fake it, just be God conscious and a God lover and you will emit and radiate goodness naturally.

2. Don't hide your faith.
If you are frequent in church, attentive to sermons, you read and study your Bible then don't hide it. You don't have to tie someone down and 'preach'. Just including your faith activities in your discussion with people (friends, families and strangers) is enough to deposit a seed of 'longing for God' in them.
3. Social media activities.
This is a good platform to spread the gospel. You don't have to bug your contacts with messages telling them to repent or perish...LOL. But you can do the following activities:

I. Retweet a Christian tweet on Twitter and share a gospel message you find interesting on Facebook.

II. Like a Christian page and like a gospel post on Facebook: when you do this all your contact will know, and someone who is interested will want to know more by doing same.

III. Use word of inspiration or verse of the scriptures as your profile message or status on WhatsApp, BlackBerry e.t.c, use pictographs as your display picture or profile picture.

IV. Once in a while send a broadcast message, but remember not to bug people. Weekly messages or monthly is OK, you will be surprise that some will be looking forward to it.

"When you think that God is counting the souls you brought to the kingdom with physical contact and will bless or judge you with it, you won't help yourself. See evangelism as a life call that encompasses your livelihood, then you are good to go"- Elizablaze

Evangelism is spreading the good news, which I believe there are several ways to go about it. You are not the one converting the person, it is the work of the Holy spirit to convict the fellow. Yours is to sow the seed. Therefore spread the gospel with a the new enlightenment you have gotten here.

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Ajobiewe Tolulope said...

I did enjoy this piece Eliblaze. Keep up the good work of evangelisation.