Do you have a life? Now protect it.

In one of my recent post I said I should have told my hurting self in the past to get a life (read here). But today I like to talk about how to protect the life you have.

There are distractions that can delay and even prevent us from becoming who we are. I will share one of my experience to relate my point. Kindly read on.

One day, while working on some thing with a course mate at the university, his BlackBerry phone made a beep and the red ink was blinking. I studied the guy for some minutes as he refused to check whatever it was that his smartphone was trying to notify him.

After sometime I couldn't hold it anymore as the phone was still blinking and this guy simply went on with whatever it was that we were doing. I was intrigued by his self-control so I asked him how he was able to overlook the distraction.

I can't really remembered his exact words, but it was something like anyone trying to chat with him should know he was busy... Hmm, and here was I who can't seem to hold it for a second, after hearing the beep or see the blinking red light.

That day I learnt a lesson about avoiding distractions... Well, now though I want to open a message when I see a notification but I find myself taking days off before I read them. I shut all my phone notification sounds, no red lights. So that when I'm working, I'm working.

Some of us, just need a little discipline and information on how to tweak some stuffs and we would be able to have a more productive time. And live a better life.

Stay away from that person you call friend, block and unfriend that jobless stalker on Facebook and from all your chatting devices. We must all consciously and actively protect our life.

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