Do you know the Bible support E-commerce?

"Take your business online" I believe is not a strange statement to entrepreneurs and business owners. You probably have heard it framed in one way or the other.

When some say the Bible is the manual for life if only we can spend more time with it is nothing but the truth. So today, I'll be sharing my new passion with e-commerce and how I discovered it has biblical backings.

I have read Isaiah 60 several times but one day the 11th verse struck my mind: "Therefore thy gates shall be open continually, they shall not be shut day nor night, that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought"

I'm sure you know the forces of the gentiles here meant the wealth of the people? How can they bring to you their resources when your business and stores is closed in the night?

With e-commerce you get people buying your products online and paying into your bank account day and night even on weekends while the banks are closed and while you're snoring! This is because bankers sleeps but internet banking doesn't sleep.

For example, I had a friend who was into forex trading, it was from him that I got to understand that because in Nigeria we are sleeping by 2am in the morning doesn't mean the trading platform is sleeping, it may just be the wake or peak period in some other countries. Therefore the currency you're trading will determine when you are awake or asleep.

What this means is that you can have a training program setup online, or other virtual materials like songs, softwares and books for sales online, and while you're snoring away at night someone who is just getting to his office in another country can simply log on to your trainings, pay and download your materials. You only need to wake up to see the money you have earned.

You don't have to sell virtual products alone to make money at night, anybody can place order for your physical products, all you need to do is ship it once you're awake.

The second verse I'll share that also support e-commerce is Deuteronomy 15:6 "For the LORD thy God bless thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee"

Recently I got an email from amazon that said an 8% consumption tax will be applied to all ebooks sold to customers living in Japan. Before I wondered what the heck that was I remembered the biblical promises of God in making us a blessing, therefore I concluded that is simply my way of contributing to the economy of Japan.

Now imagine I wrote a book that is being translated in Japanese and millions of the citizens of Japan bought it, have I not become a blessing to them? Now, when you hear a book is been translated into hundreds of languages you know the scripture above is at work.

How about people in export and import online businesses?

Note: I hope you know the interpretations I gave the two verses above are not limited to that alone? It can mean an entirely new thing to you for different purpose, because we know in part, and we prophesy in part (1corithians 13:9). Thank you!

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