The cassava farmer and the pineapple farmer

A popular businessman once visited a village in Africa, he sorted for two vibrant and strong men and instructed one to cultivate cassava and the other pineapple.

They were both provided a hectares of land, while the cassava farmer was given all the stems he needed, the pineapple Farmer was also given all the pineapple suckers he needed. Both of them were also given money for maintenance and were told to bring their harvest at the end of a whole year so that they could be shipped to the city and after which they would be paid.

The two young men set about to research on how to go about planting. The man to cultivate pineapple learnt how he has to make ridges, weed the land every two weeks, wet the plant, spray insecticides and herbicides when requires.

The man to cultivate cassava also learnt how he has to cultivate his cassava farm. He discovered that after the cassava grows and spreads its canopy, he doesn't need to wet or weed it anymore. As cassava is able to withstand draught and kill any weed under it.

While the two men got together to discuss their new task, the pineapple farmer thought of how easy cassava cultivation is and felt jealous that his friend doesn't need to worry about wetting the cassava or weeding it. So he decided to change is course, dropped his pineapple sucker, went to source for stems with the money he was given and planted cassava.

At the end of the planting season, they both took their farm produced to the collection centre. The original cassava farmer went to offload his goods and was paid.

When the man who was suppose to plant pineapple came with cassava, he was asked why he brought cassava instead of pineapple. He said pineapple has too much stress so he decided to go for cassava.

The attending officer then said "were you not giving all the suckers, chemicals and enough money to help you hire more hands to make the job easier? We are sorry but we already have enough cassava from the first man. Your pineapple was meant to start a juice factory and you would have been our sole supplier from this village but now we can't even trust you to deal with you anymore. Go with the your cassava and make sure you refund all the suckers, chemicals and money given to you".

The young man was stuck with the cassava as no one would buy them from him at a reasonable price, he spent the rest of his life working to pay off the debt he owed the businessman.

Moral: Stay on your lane, God will only make provisions for the vision he gave. Ask him to show you his purpose for your life, never spend your life cultivating the wrong farm.

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