The failure and setback is for your good

After I checked my school leaving result (WAEC), I had made all my papers except for English language. I had a pass (D7) instead of credit, so I made the second result which was NECO my hope, but when it came out, I also made all the papers but had a pass in English language. And as far as entering the university is concerned, a pass in English language is as good as you failed.

God knows it was a trying time for me then, as I felt like the black sheep of the family. My sister made her paper once, my younger brother was topping his class. But here I am, feeling like all the six years I spent in secondary school was a waste.

I wanted to do an external exam, GCE, but my Dad insisted I must go back to secondary school and retake my papers. I cried my eyes out as I thought I was done with school uniforms... LOL

Anyway, I was registered in another school as a final year student, and this time I made up my mind to be serious. You see, it wasn't easy as my reading was now strictly monitored by my mum and thanks to my sister who made it a duty to remind me anytime I'm happy that I am repeating a class...LOL

Well, I made my papers and today I'm happy I had to re-enrolled in another school.

You see, when I was in my former school (a boarding school), I was just a normal student with no special thing about me when it comes to academics. But when I got to this new school, I braced-up, so much that the teachers wondered why my parents paid so much to make me repeat a class. I was even among the few that went to represent the school in a chemistry interschool Ozone layer depletion discussion... Something I had never thought I could be nominated for.

After we did the school mock examination and I had an A in English language. The teacher called me to ask if truly it was just English language that brought me to their school... and yes it was just English.

Anyway, I sat for the WAEC examination and not only did I made the English language, I also had five distinctions in the papers I wrote, which made my name to enter the school record and magazine as one of the best graduating students (a minimum of a five distinctions is the requirement!).

Few years later, while I was trying to register online for a scholarship program at the university, the requirement was a minimum of five distinctions for O'level result. My face fell when I saw it, as I had forgotten that was what I had. Even though I didn't get the scholarship, but I can never forget how elated I was when I remembered I actually had the five distinctions. The smile on my face was priceless.

Some of us are crying because of where we are now, we feel we have failed, but some of us have only gone back to pick up something we left behind. And the diversion looked like a failure but it is actually building us for a better assignment ahead.

Everything works for our good

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