The WHY question

You see, for me to send anyone a request on my network on social media, I probably know you, I've gone through your profile because I like your career or I simply like your face. So it makes me wonder when someone sends me a friend request, chatted me up and the next thing, the fellow is asking for my name and some other silly questions that are in my profile!

I for example, I'm of the opinion that I don't send someone I don't know a message writing just 'hi' and wait for days expecting them to reply. Really, that sounds crazy to me.
I'll include my greetings, introduce myself and whatever the reasons I sent you a message, and I believe you will reply me if you find my message important.

As much as the question 'How' is important to learn or become whatever it is we want. The same way the question of 'Why' is important. It's the reason for anything you don't want to be ignorant about.

Why do you want to be my friend? why do you want to do business with me? why did you say that?

In relationship for example, Why do you want to date me? Why do you want to marry me? I want to know if it wasn't because your parents are putting pressure on you, you are trying to hide or prove something.

After all, Esau married Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael, Abraham's son, simply because he wanted to break his parent's heart (Gen 28:9).

Only you know the things in which you need to ask the why question , but please DON'T shy away from asking.


Unknown said...

Nice and well written post..

Tope Amos said...

Thanks Gloria.