Romeo and Juliet Syndrome

If you've never seen Romeo and Juliet movie, I want to assume you must have heard of it and now knows the story. It's a good thing to be loved and to love someone, but when you notice the Romeo and Juliet syndrome creeping in please cut me some slack.

What is Romeo and Juliet Syndrome?

Here the Romeo and Juliet syndrome is something I called "you're all I got"

I recently read the biography of Brian Nichols, America most wanted criminal. From what I observed, his killing spree started after he killed his girlfriend for cheating on him with their Church's minister.

Only a Romeo and Juliet syndrome will make you see a person better off dead, if they ain't with you. Or to see yourself better off dead if you ain't with them.

I once heard someone say the statistic of young women in asylums is way higher than that of men. Just because a guy checked out of a relationship, the lady goes mad...haba!

How to spot potential RJ syndrome carrier.

Does he or she have a career? Something else that they give their attentions to? A person who has no life calls or career to nurture enters a relationship and wrap his or her whole another person.

The most important thing for me here is that I want to make sure I'm not all you got! Please have a career or purpose that you give your attention to.

I once listen to Tara Durotoye says it's not like she doesn't miss her husband when he travels but because she also has something she's doing she was able to use that 'missing' period to do something worthwhile. No wonder she has a multimillion dollar makeup business.

But here I am Juliet, and all I have is Mr Romeo!...LOL. Why won't they but commit suicide together?

Note: The career I meant here is different from a simply having a job.

I want to believe it's this RJ syndrome that makes a man and woman pour acid on their lover that checked out of the relationship. How else will you explain the woman that stabbed her husband to death because he cheated on her? If not that she had wrapped her whole life around him.

P.S: If you can't take the heat, you leave the kitchen, but if you believe there is no life outside of the kitchen then you may as well get roast.

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