Sabbath's Appetizer: Good thoughts are from God, invest in them

Some couple of years backs, after reading about Anne Frank, I felt the importance of writing down diaries, but since I'm not a diary person I decided I was going to write whatever it was that came to my heart after my daily morning devotions.

The writings never lasted few months at a stretch as I was not consistence. I'll just do my devotion and get prepare to go for lectures and I forget about it.

But sometime this year I took the journal and skimmed through what I had writing dated 2009, where I wrote "I know that one day my writings will be read by the worlds, if God willeth".

I was surprised when I saw that cos I was thinking do I really know?, I'm sure I must have been referring to that journal, as I did not have any thoughts about writing for blogs or books. Do I even know what a blog is then? But here I am, actively writing years later.

I'm sure if I had seen that inspired thought some two years back I would have probably smiled it off. (I actually got the motivation to start a blog from a friend whom we but served together during NYSC).

What really inspired me to write this post was because as I wanted to do something on my phone, a thought dropped into my heart and I wrote it down because I wanted to criticize it and not because I initially believed it as it was beyond me. It was very good and even though it came with a biblical reference, I felt too little for it to happen for me. But thanks to the word of God that has established the fact that Satan does not give any good thought.

I've heard funny stories of people saying they felt led to drop the last money in their wallet as offering or to give it as a blessing to someone, but because of their conditions they thought the idea must have come from the devil and some rebuked Satan... Well, the stories always end with them obeying and reaping great rewards. Thanks to God for always helping our faith.

Sometimes when God speaks to us or gives us a thought about his blessings, they feel good at first, but when you try to process it, doubts can set in. But you have to know it is from God, as all good things come from Him.

Be sensitive to God's Spirit and trap your good thoughts: may we not miss our defining moment in Jesus name. Amen.

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