Sabbath's Appetizer- My mansion's address

Have you read any of those books or listen to messages from people who claimed to have had dreams or revelation about hellfire? How did you feel? Fearful? Wanted to be holy and avoided sin for a day or some days before the horror wore off in you?

I won't say such dreams about hell is not good, but I personally don't want such dreams because I'm not going there. I want to see the beauties of heaven so that I can focus my mind on it, let me dream that I'm cat-walking on the street of Gold... LOL

I remembered a day I read one man's testimony about heaven, how he saw some of his dead relatives and other familiar faces. That day I was like 'wow' unlike how I felt the only place I would see familiar faces is only in hell... LOL, I can't remember the book and author's name but I can never forget how much hope and joy it gave me.

Now that I'm heaven conscious, the only thing I'm thinking about today is my house address in heaven.

I once heard a popular preacher says some will cry on the last day, not because they didn't make heaven but because they didn't get any crown for their works on earth... So I was like "we'll also be having levels and class in heaven?" (1corinthians 3:13-15).

Remember that place where Jesus said he was going to prepare mansions for us?( John 14:2 ) that means the mansion must have an address... LOL

You see, if truly we came from eternity to spend some times on this earth as a qualification for eternal life or eternal damnation. Then I believe Jesus is my qualification to enter heaven. And my fellowship with God and good works here will determine my mansion's address. Whether I'll be a normal citizen of heaven or a high-classed citizen.

Need I say I think everyone in hell has the same address, as no house for them, just a big hall of burning furnace numbered: 666 road hellfire avenue, lake of fire city... LOL

Now the race is not about making heaven, it's now about my mansion's address. Which I can imagine as: 247 street of gold, diamond lighthouse, God owned estate.

PS: Though I find this amusing after I wrote it, but I hope you got something.

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