The real and apparent state of the mind

During physics class in secondary school, while taking us on the topic of real and apparent depth, my teacher told us a story of how some travellers in the desert would see from a distance what looked like an oasis (spring of water in the desert), they would journey toward it and discovered it was simply a mirage (refraction of light on the ground), and some died in the process. Why?

Because they were tired and thirsty from walking, the mirage would raise their hopes, therefore they would expend another energy walking toward it only discover it wasn't water. And it kept on like that, till some collapsed and died... Do you also know that just as your eyes can't differentiate a mirage and oasis from a distance, it's the same way your mind can't differentiate real and unreal (apparent) happenings?

You see I have been in conditions that I would be thinking about an issue that has not happen, for example a talk with my boss, family member or anybody that comes to my mind and I would see myself getting really happy or angry, and at time I may even burst out before I realized I was the only one around, and I'll snapped out of the thought.

It's the same thing that happen when I think about a loved one, or been given a gift, I would smile and laugh before I also realize it was simply was my imagination.

I'm sure some of you have experienced this before either while reading novels and watching movies, you can see yourself crying on something that isn't real... Isn't that the reason some shout and dodge virtual bullets and arrow when watching 3D movies?

You see, some of us have actually developed some attitude through this apparent condition of the mind, so that when something happen in real life and we react, we are forced to wonder where we got the action, attitude or words.

Now all these epistles is to wake us to one thing, to use the apparent state of the mind for our good. It's a key factor that I will recommend for those who loved the law of attraction and want to make it a reality in their life.

Always imagine yourself doing something positive or enjoying yourself, imagine yourself on forbe list, being a philanthropist, helping people, getting promoted at work, preaching the good news etc. And before you know what's up, a smile would cross your face and you would be building capacity for yourself.

Please don't talk yourself out of this by thinking it is just daydreaming or wishful thinking. I'm talking about thinking something positive and flowing in the aura even when the things you are seeing with your real eyes doesn't look like it.

By the way, I did a lot of this daydreaming on writing inspirational materials before I had a blog or self-published my book.

Your vision (not your physical eyes) is the reality, it is what you make of it that translate to the physical realm.

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