Do you know you can show certain symptoms even though you're free?

I heard of a mistake made in a particular hospital, a woman was told she had cancer. And after she received the news, she cried and before you could say 'Jack' she fell ill and started to exhibit symptoms of a cancer patient.

When her sickness persisted, she was taken back to the hospital and it was discovered that the previous report that she had cancer was an error, it was someone else test result that was told to her. You know the funny thing? After the confirmation that she didn't have cancer she recovered!...LOL. I'll tell you a funny experience I had during the crisis of Ebola.

It was in my service year in Makurdi, I was walking on the road by some parked buses that were seeking for passenger. I had been sensitive to touch ever since I heard about Ebola occurrence in Nigeria. And you know some of these bus conductors lack manner, So one of the conductor who was seeking for passenger held my hand to cajole me into entering the bus.

I quickly removed my hand and felt as though goose pimples had covered me, I began to feel uncomfortable in by body, the thought that he was a conductor that had been in contact with several people that day made me sick.

 But you know what? Ebola was never reported in Makurdi that year.

Later, while relating my experience to a friend, she also told me the day she heard the news she also started feeling the symptoms during the night, she said her body became stiff just like she heard till she started praying and felt better.

Isn't it funny that though we are free we can live like a prisoner. That is exactly the same reason while a born again Christian who though is free from curses because of his new linage with Jesus can still be feeling as though cursed because of the story he had heard about his biological family. And you know what? They begin to exhibit the symptoms. Things start moving in the wrong direction because being cursed is what they believed.

Exhibiting symptoms of diseases or curses though free from them is one of the great tricks of Satan.

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