Stretch yourself

When I was young, I was always forced to study, thank God for my disciplinarian mother who made sure I had extra lessons. I remember anytime I brought home a result, it never satisfied my mother. Especially if there was red rink in it. She would rant about the class highest score and asked if it wasn't another kid that got the mark.

But I always took solace in my Dad who never seem to see anything wrong with the result. Well, I'm grateful for both. My mum wanted me to be the best, my Dad never wanted me to compare myself to anyone or feel inferior to anyone. Ain't they both lovely?... LOL

I will admit I was pretty lazy then, I preferred to play than study.

Thank God I have realized that I need to study hard to be good at anything, and much more I need to stretch myself to be good in what I love.

Sometimes ago, I would have argument with my mum who wanted me to sleep early because I was having issues with my eyes due to constant reading. I know the worst that can happen is to use glasses, which I think every great people I know use...LOL

Even during my first degree in the university I never had issue with my eyes because I was lackadaisical about the course. But after I finished and got to know the things I wanted to do, my thirst became insatiable.

During my service year, while I and a friend decided to go for a professional course in a field that was different from our background. With the seriousness we exude during the course, when we were about to write the exam, he said we can never fail any exam that we sit for again. And truly we passed, we were part of those with good grades. I have done a couple things after that and I excelled because now I stretch my brain.

I'm aware of the argument about we humans using only 10 percent of our brain capacity, but what I know is that our intellectual ability is very deep.

It's ridiculous when some think stretching themselves will break them or stretching their brain will give them migraine. Every bodybuilder is an example of someone who has stretched their physical body and every inventor is an example of someone who has stretched their intellectuals. That is what I'm talking about.

Don't take up different responsibilities that is more than you can handle, but stretch yourself in that which you are passionate about.

Note: Remember, stretching your yourself will only work if it is about something you are passionate about. Every moment spend doing it will be enjoyable.

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