What it means to live

Sometimes ago, during my services year I downloaded a message preached by Myles Munroe. I was so blessed and inspired that I decided to share with another friend in the same lodge. Two days later, I read the news that Myles Munroe died in a plane crash.

Recently, while looking for a writing note, I saw among some stacks of books in my sister room a book by Myles Munroe, The Principle And Power of Vision.

While reading the book, I was so engrossed with his conversational style of writing which made it looked like he was present with me. Then suddenly I remembered the man talking to me isn't physically on this earth again. But his spirit is still around.

I'm not trying to go into some mystics talk. What I mean is that he had successfully imprint himself in this world. He still lives.

Scott Peck said "There is no worse bitterness than to reach the end of your life and realized you have not lived." Can this be any less of a truth. Many people go true life with a disease called destination syndrome. They realized too late on their death bed that they never truly lived.

I recently read the tributes about a young man who slump and died. I was amazed at how such a young man could touch so many lives individually. Everyone who came in contact with him had something nice to say about him, he had impacted so many people that I can't but say he lived well.
How can one live?

1. A life of service
Living to make impact. A life that is devoid of 'me, me and me alone'

2. Discovery and living of purpose
It is very easy to live well when you are in your field. No man can fulfil destiny with a selfish nature.

3. A life dedicated to God
God created us to worship him, you can't truly worship him without making impact in your generation. Use everything he gave you such as talents, job, business, intelligence, knowledge and strength to worship him.

This isn't a call to anyone to live. Maybe it's a call to me. I don't want to walk through this life aimlessly. I don't want to chase after shadows, I want to live. And I hope you will also make the decision to start living today.

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