You are not a human bee, you are human being!

There is a common joke that say's: How does the lady that refused to date Dangote or Bill Gate when they had nothing feel now? I recently heard of how a lady refused a man's proposal because he did not have the attributes she wanted. But few months later he discovered purpose and became a multimillionaire.

Well, this post is not to say a lady should say yes to every Harry that comes her way. But have we tried to see past people's physical appearance and get to know their vision? You see, I have looked down on someone before, and someone had also looked down on me.

But we are all human being and the knowledge of the 'being' makes me to understand that there is more to us than meet the eyes.

Being, which is the present participle of be, means existence and consciousness. Someone once said it means 'to become'.

This tells me that we are always moving, always becoming, therefore we are all in transition. You can never see the end of a person because you are not God.

A person who hasn't discover purpose can still be misbehaving. But once that person discovers and is in alignment with it. The sky becomes a launching pad.

Isn't that the reason the former prostitute called Rehab became one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ?

Have you looked down on anyone? Stop it.

Do people look down on you or your family consider you the black sheep of the family? It's just a matter of time, discover purpose, stay with it and your light will shine so brightly that they'll need a sunshade to behold it... LOL!

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