Sabbath's Appetizer- Let somebody make a joyful noise!

There was a time my mother decided to start a poultry farm at the back of our house. She got some few weeks old turkeys, and not quite long I travelled for my service year. When I came back after one year the turkeys were already grown and laying. I went to their cage to check on them while my mum was there, but they kept making this annoying loud noise that irritated me.

Later I found out that they were making that noise because I was talking. It is their nature to respond anytime they hear a sound. Isn't it interesting that though they didn't understand what I was saying yet they acknowledged my voice... I actually got something from this story and I'm sharing it in this post.

I had a roommate in school who was a chorister and grew up in church, which made her to have ear for music. So when I sing in the room, she jokingly tells me I'm jumping and combining different keys together. Singing isn't my talent, so we would just laugh about it.

But later I would wish I had a good voice when I listen to talented singers, and I would try to imitate them, but thank God I didn't damage my vocal cords in the process of trying to raise my voice like Celine Dion would do effortlessly... Well, I have still have not gotten that magical voice.

But after I got to know that part of the Bible where the psalmist said make a joyful noise unto the Lord with psalms (Psalms 95:2) , my struggle vaporized. Now I know that when it comes to God, he his not after how melodious my voice is but how beautiful my heart is.

Thank God for talented singers that can send us to the seventh heaven with their voice. But I'm happy that my noise with my heart has the same magnificent effects on God.

Therefore I throw this to you, it's the first day and the Sunday of the month! Com'on let somebody make a joyful noise unto the Lord!... LOL

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