Sabbath's Appetizer- Must we look sober every Sunday?

I had to leave a fellowship in school because every Sunday the sermon tend to centre around sin, with people looking sober at the end... I don't have a devil and I don't enjoy sinning, so why should I be hearing only sin sermon every Sunday?

Really, I love it when a sermon ends with an alter call, it's a good thing to let me know I can only partake of the blessing of God you just preached if I identify with Christ.... But why won't I keep sinning or enter a self-righteous mood if all I go to church to hear is how sinful I am and the day I felt I have not sinned, then the sermon isn't for me, but for the sinners?

I use to think I was the only one that had this thought until I heard someone shared a similar experience recently, so I decided to write about it.

Then, I thought maybe it was because it was a student fellowship and a student was also the pastor but now I think it is because some has evangelical calling, but instead of helping the ones that are already converted to grow, they keep basing their sermon only on sin.

We need a balance.

Well, after I started attending a church outside the campus, then I began to enjoy sermons and even looked forward to go to church.

I also remember a funny experience I had about eight years ago when I was invited to a popular church that is tagged 'holy holy' (name withheld). After the choir sang (no drum, maybe piano), suddenly I heard cries around me, I wondered what happened, I looked around only to see all head bowed and people crying and praying, haha, I quickly bowed my head too before someone say I am a sinner.

In my mind I was wondering what caused the cries, it wasn't like the song was interesting to me, God forgive me if that's a sin, but really till date I still wondered what made them all to cry.

Later I got to understand that there are churches where such is prevalent, and I'm wondering if they have been trained to cry like that.

I feel many of us will get to heaven and realised how hard we have made our lives because of religion.

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