The delusions of perfect body

Sometimes ago a colleague came to my house, we had planned to attend a program together. I had not apply make up, so she saw my lips and commented "so you have a black lips"... I laughed because I found the question funny, I know she made that statement because she had always see me wear a coloured lipstick.

I don't think I can go out now without a lipstick. Why? So you don't see my lips and think I do smoke weed... LOL (that was meant to be a joke) but really I doubt if I'll go out without it.

The question now is whether a coloured lips gives me any sense of self-worth. I'll say no but I consider it a necessity.

This made me to think of how some people give themselves unnecessary stress by undergoing surgeries and other self modifications procedures to earn approval from their deluded fans.

As a little kid, I remembered the in-town thing was to bleach, you'll see a lady holding umbrella to shed herself from sun rays (I guess UV protection creams weren't popular then).

I'm aware there are lots of body enhancement procedures and surgeries now, but I will purposely not mention any so it doesn't seem like I'm trying to condemn anyone.

I feel the major factor that contribute to the desire to change one's appearance without considering the negative effect is paradigm. And I believe a shift in paradigm will help anyone who thinks his or herself worth depends on how big, small or bright some body parts is, to make a better choice.

"It is good to have a good body but better a good spirit. In the end, people will appreciate you for what you have inside and not what you look like"- anonymous

Some have so lost themselves in body modification that they have lost count of the number of surgeries they undergone. Now it seems like the only reason they came to earth is to look like Barbie doll. When Barbie is simply someone's imagination and the creator doesn't look like it.

Most successful individuals have succeeded in making people look past how they look but rather at the works of their hands.

Let your self-worth be in the fact that you have discovered purpose, and follow your vision. Let your joy comes from knowing that God delights in your success.

Note: This post is not meant to attack any form of plastic surgery or other beauty procedures but to ensure that our self-worth doesn't come from it.

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