Three nuggets to a take your career or business to the next level

I'm also in the category of those who don't want to be trap under a boss, I want to do my thing, start my own business and be the boss. But now I'm working under someone, yet my plans have not change. Do you know what that means?

It means when I become the boss I will also have people working under me who would want to be the boss. So how do I successfully handle it without destroying the boss-show with my inner tiger.

I have seen business owner with good businesses, people with great ideas but with a not so good people relation. This is the reason why I want to talk about the three major skill everyone who desire greatness should possess.

Some of you probably know this before, but I'll talk about it from my angle.

1. Professional skill / talent
This I believe is not just about a university degree, it can also be your talent. It is something you have mastered, what you have successfully build and developed yourself for. I for example studied Plant Science in the university but been an agriculturist isn't what I'm passionate about.

I'm a story teller, I tell story in a way that you can relate to it and be inspired. I do it by writing, talking and acting. I don't necessarily need a certificate to proof my worth, but I have loads of them. Why?

There are some skills, wisdom and knowledge that I can only get in a school or organized training setting. Since I must build myself, I go for it.

Many people also have this, but it is not enough.

2. Management skill
I'm sure you know by now that you need to manage your time and finance. But that is not all about management. I believe management is so wide that if care is not taken you may be buried in it.

Isn't that the reason artist and companies hire managers? But I believe you should have the basic management skill. I may not be handling the books, but I want to read it and understand so that I don't get bamboozled on my hard work.

Have you worked with people who can't stand by their words? Not because they are bad, but because they aren't coordinated. If you haven't, I have.

One very good advantage of management is that it helps to create a system. Though people run system but like a yoke, it helps to control people.

3. Leadership skill
Hmm... This is the biggest of all. We can be super talented and with management skill. But how do we sell our vision to others? How do we lead a team in other to multiple and also make them excited about it?

One day a proprietor out of anger towards his staffs, said they are all working with him because they haven't found a better job... It may sound true but it sent a lot of wrong signals to the staffs. Because it means you don't acknowledge your staffs as people who teach to impact lives and are with you because you own a platform where their strength can be expressed.

I know a man who resigned from his job to another place because according to him he was the principal of the school were he work, but one day his boss made a statement that sound like "there is no management in this place, I am the management"

And this man felt unappreciated, but this is a man that is been sought for by another organization to come and handle their administration. Anyway, the principal resigned the moment he got another offer.

Leadership skill help you to appreciate, motivate and build others up. You want to be sincere because you know the value of trust.

Conclusion: I hope with this few points of mine I have been able to convince and not to confuse you that you need these three skills to live a successful life!...LOL

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