You're the key determinant of your success

Sometimes ago one of my mum colleague told my mum to further her education as she feels the Teacher's college certificate she had then will soon become obsolete but my mum ignored her advice.

As though someone was paying her to trouble my mum, she got NCE (Nigeria Certificate in Education) form for my her. She grudgingly started the part-time school which she sponsored by herself.

Along the line, the government retired all those who didn't possess the new basic certificate which is NCE. What saved my mum was a TO WHOM statement which she obtained that shows she was running the course!

That was many years ago, but I'm sure my mum will forever bless that woman that God used as angel to preserve her job.

Never become complacent with the qualification that you currently possess in whatever area of life you find yourself.

Of course I am not talking about school certificate here, though that is the qualification some of us have to climb higher in our career life. But I'm talking about updating and upgrading yourself in information or the knowledge required in your career.

Then, my mum was considering the fact that my Dad won't contribute to her education as a reason to stop her from furthering her education. Once again, I'm grateful to God that it never discouraged her to pursue her education. Because years after my Dad's death, her job took care of us, paid her three kids tuition fee through university and still takes cares of her.

You're the key sayer over your life, don't put it in anyone's hand.

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