Fish out the Jonahs!

The day I got the inspiration to write this post, I was overwhelmed. And I know for every boss, business owners and individuals who have one thing or the other going on will be inspired by this post.

You know how sometimes, you have done what you needed to do and yet things aren't working the way you wanted. You have spent so much money on branding and advert yet it is not working. I want to let you know that the fault may not be from you. But who is to blame?

Have you read the story of Jonah and Achan before? If you haven't you should pick your bible and read about them.

Jonah was the man whom God sent to Nineveh but decided to go to Tarshish, and what did he bring to others on the ship he board? Loss!

Because after God sent a might wind against the ship, they had to empty the ship of their wares, you can imagine the worth's of those things that perished. All the troubles they went through was simply because of one disobedient man!

How about Achan? The man who took the accursed things that God had commanded the Israelites not to take. And because of his greediness he caused the death of many innocent people. The Israelites were loosing in war because of one disobedient man.

Of course we can all agree that it is not fair to suffer because of another person's error, and that is the reason why you must be careful of those you're dealing with.

Imagine when a wrong person is in charge of your business account, the business will have no choice than to run down. Jonah and Achan are the reason why the department will not progress.

When you decided to do business with a person simply because he or she is a friend or family member without running a background check on them or take into account their capabilities and qualifications then you might have invited a Jonah to work with you.

And you can also be the Jonah in an organization when you maneuver your way in just because of the salary but you have no clue how things are operated.

In conclusion: After you have checked yourself when things aren't working for you, then it is time to fish out the Jonah.

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