How Exposed are you?

As a little girl, I heard the word exposure only when someone is to be criticized. You will hear an elderly woman says "that girl is exposed" and immediately you hear it you understand it means the girl is wayward. Therefore in order not to be termed exposed, I want to live and act in certain way. In my mind, modesty means I am not exposed therefore I can't be wayward.

But really, is that what been expose really means? No, but many have used that excuse to stay in mediocrity. It wasn't until recently that the word exposure made sense to me and I realized how it had help me without me knowing. It was one of the driving force of my life. Let me explain more.

When my church started remodeling, my pastor said we need the change so that we will appreciate what it means to live in a beautiful environment. It is true that you can't grab some things until you see it.

How expose are you?

Looking at the way a person does things can really goes a long way to tell you how exposed they are. I'm currently planning my Vlog, in order to come up with something nice I need to be expose, by watching many great videos and see what's working.

What to take note of in exposure.

1. You need facts.
No time for guess play, go out of your comfort zone to see the way things are done, and ensure to pen it down.

2. Pay attention to details.
Don't get lost in the merriment of what you see, pay attention to those things that matters.

What are those things that can give you exposure?
- Education
- Books
- Movies
- People
- etc.

Exposure helps your creativity and it safes you from unnecessary competition. Somebody once said we should package our products, talents, business, etc as a global commodity, but how do you successfully achieve that if all you feed your eyes and mind on are only the things in your immediate environment or village?... LOL

There was a time I told my students we would be making pizza for catering practical, there was a girl that objected the idea and after I asked for her reasons, she said she had never eaten it before, you can imagine. I asked her if she travels to the united state whether she would stay hungry because the local food she's used to isn't available?

That statement made her realized that the purpose of the practical was to expose them.

In conclusion: I believe we create things from the ideas in our mind, but there are some things that may never drop into your mind if you aren't expose. Exposure helps to developed your mind. Once again how exposed are you?

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